How Can You be Wrongfully Charged for DUI?

Man taking breath test in his car.

In Florida, people are wrongfully charged with driving under the influence (DUI) every year. This can be an incredibly stressful and confusing experience, especially since a DUI charge can carry severe penalties, including jail time, fines, and license suspension. So how can you protect yourself from being wrongfully charged with a DUI? Read on to find out.

The Basics of a DUI Charge in Florida

For someone to be arrested for a DUI in Florida, law enforcement officers must have probable cause that the driver was operating their vehicle while impaired. A few factors, such as field sobriety tests or breathalyzer results, determine probable cause. If officers suspect impairment, but there is no evidence that the driver was drinking, they may not be able to arrest them for a DUI.

However, if officers suspect impairment due to alcohol or drugs and have evidence that the driver was drinking or using drugs before getting behind the wheel, they will likely make an arrest.

How Can Someone Be Wrongfully Charged With a DUI?

Unfortunately, someone can be wrongfully charged with a DUI in Florida. While several circumstances can lead to this occurring, here are some of the most common:

  • Officers misinterpreted the field sobriety tests or breathalyzer results.

  • Any possible medical conditions, such as anxiety or diabetes, that may skew results have been ignored.

  • Something other than alcohol contributed to a higher BAC level.

Other potential circumstances could lead an officer to charge an individual with a DUI wrongly, so it’s essential to be aware of all actions if you need to prove wrongdoing in the future.

Protecting Yourself From Wrongful Charges

If you think you were wrongfully charged with a DUI in Florida, you must take steps to protect yourself from conviction. The best way to do this is by seeking legal counsel from an experienced defense attorney specializing in defending clients against wrongful charges. A knowledgeable attorney can help build your case and determine whether or not your rights were violated during your arrest – which could lead to dropped charges.

Wrongfully Accused of DUI? Look to Ali & Blankner

Driving under the influence is a serious offense in Florida. But many people don't realize that someone can be wrongfully charged with a DUI due to misinterpretation of evidence or failure on law enforcement's part when determining probable cause. If you believe you were wrongfully accused of a DUI in Florida, don't hesitate to immediately contact and get legal advice from Ali & Blankner to protect yourself from conviction and potential penalties associated with this charge.

Dial (407) 753-1312 or reach out to us online to discuss your case with a member of our team.

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