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Accusations of committing a sex offense can drastically impact your life. Society takes charges of these nature very seriously, and a conviction can ruin your personal and professional reputation and wreak havoc on your livelihood, family, and future. If you are convicted of committing a sex offense, not only will you likely face lengthy prison sentences, but you will also be required to add your name to the list of registered sex offenders, which is a title that will follow you for the rest of your life.

It is imperative that you seek the competent, compassionate, and aggressive representation of an Orlando criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our firm will review your case for free so that we can begin to develop a defensive strategy that gives you your best chance at freedom. Our team of legal professionals can analyze the circumstances surrounding the accusations against you to develop evidence in your favor.

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Areas of Practice

We are a team of certified criminal defense trial specialists, which means that you can trust the effectiveness of our legal strategies. All of our attorneys are former prosecutors so we understand how the prosecution will prepare and present their case against you. This gives us a unique perspective when preparing our defense and allows us to identify and exploit weaknesses in the state's case. In some cases, this insight has assisted us in getting client charges reduced or dismissed.

  • Child Pornography If you have been arrested for child pornography, you are facing extremely serious charges. When minors or children are involved in the commission of a sex crime, you can expect law enforcement and the state to work hard to obtain a conviction. Our firm is experienced with representing clients accused of all manner of sex crimes and we know there is always a defense.
  • Sex With A Minor Anyone arrested for, or accused of, having sex with a minor can expect to be facing heavy penalties. Do not expect law enforcement officials or prosecutors to show any leniency towards individuals who have committed the crime of having sex with a minor. That is why it is extremely important to consult with an attorney from our firm if you are facing charges for sex with a minor.
  • Sexual Abuse Sexual acts committed without the consent of the victim are illegal. When a parent, guardian, relative or other acquaintance performs a sexual act against a minor, it is considered sexual abuse. Sexual abuse crimes are often considered to be particularly heinous because the abuse was committed by a person the individual trusted. If you have been charged with committing sexual abuse, you need an attorney who has experience defending all manner of sex crime cases.
  • Rape A sexual act against another's will or without their express consent, whether through physical, mental or other types of threats, is the act of rape. If you have been arrested, or are under investigation, for committing rape, you need a knowledgeable sex crime attorney on your side.
  • Internet Sex Crimes Internet sex crimes are taken just as seriously as other types of sex crimes, and in some cases more so. This is because internet sex crimes often lead to actual physical sexual encounters and in worst case scenarios, violent crimes. If you are facing charges for internet sex crimes, protect your rights and consult with an experienced attorney from our firm right away.

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