Defense for Criminal Charges in Orlando

Charged with a Crime in Orlando, FL?

As former prosecutors, we know you face an entire judicial system interested only in proof of guilt and punishment. You need an Orlando criminal defense attorney who will take a stand for you and protect your rights. At Ali & Blankner we are dedicated and aggressive attorneys. We are board-certified by the Florida State Bar in criminal trials. We defend the rights of the accused. We are here to serve your needs by providing expert representation to those facing Florida's criminal process.

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Handling All Types of Charges

Being charged involves prosecution by a local, state or federal government agency for breach of the penal code. In the eyes of the law, a crime is defined as an act that is threatening or harmful to the public's safety and welfare. A criminal accusation means a government agency is investigating and intends to bring a lawsuit or formal charges against an individual (or a company).

No matter what type of criminal charges you are facing, you can count on us to provide counsel.