What To Do When You’re Stopped For A DUI

The stress of being pulled over can be overwhelming, and in the moment you might not know or forget what to do. Some people may even have misconceptions about the proper actions when being pulled over for a DUI. You don’t want to make the situation worse by handling it poorly. Knowing what to do and how to behave can help you avoid getting into more trouble and protect your rights.

Here are four steps to take after being pulled over or stopped for a DUI:

Step 1: Pull Over

Using your turn signal, pull over to the side of the road in a safe, well-lit area. Come to a complete stop and put your hands on the steering wheel while waiting for the officer to approach your vehicle. It’s important to do this calmly and as quickly as it is safe to do so.

Step 2: Be Polite

When interacting with the police officer, try to behave as calmly and politely as possible. You do not want to give them the impression you are being unreasonable, drunk, combative or rude.

Step 3: Protect Yourself

During your conversation, do not reveal any evidence or make any incriminating statements, such as admitting to drinking, but do not lie. You are not legally obligated to answer any questions that could implicate you and you are not legally required to take a breathalyzer test or any other field sobriety or chemical tests.

Step 4: Remain Silent

If you are arrested, do not make any statements while inside a police car or while in custody without an attorney present. After your arrest, you should request to contact an attorney who can help you protect your rights.

You may not be able to completely avoid being arrested for a DUI or getting into trouble, but these steps can help you mitigate your circumstances and prevent them from getting worse.

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