VIDEO: Orlando Fraud Defense Lawyer

TRANSCRIPT: When it comes to fraud cases. It is a very broad subject. and then are quite a few crimes associated with fraud. We've got every all the way up to white collar crimes all the way down to something as simple as employee theft or petty theft. anyone of those type of theft offenses is essentially a fraud offense. Here at Ali & Blankner we handled all of them. And we have handled millions and millions of dollars that has been taken all the way down to something as low as petty theft. How we handle these cases is very, very, crucial to the results that you get. With a hire level fraud case you are looking at and many instances 30 years in prison and some of these can be first degree felonies and they are looking for millions and millions of dollars to be repaid. They don't have the necessary ability to prove these cases. And if you have a lawyer thats experienced and knows what it takes to prove these cases we can exploit the defects in these cases. They are not easy for the state to win and you've got to know where those defects are. As a former prosecutor we have prosecuted these cases and now we defend them, we know exactly what we need to do to get the results that you need.