Do I Need to Show Up To Court? | Criminal Defense Attorney Orlando, Florida

TRANSCRIPT: Hi my name is Kendell Ali. I'm here at our new Titusville office. I've been asked by quite a few clients, "Do I need to show up to court?" Now the answer to that is essentially...maybe. Now most cases a lawyer can waive your appearance. The first thing we do when we enter a criminal case is we are going to waive your appearance to your arraignment. We will enter a plea of not guilty on your behalf. We will waive your appearance to any pre trial conferences and as a general rule a lawyer has the ability to show up on your behalf and waive your appearances to all pre trial conferences or pre trial hearings. Now there are some instances where the court will actually want to see you. Such as trials and any other hearings the court requires your attendance. But to answer the question, general rule, if you hire a lawyer you will show up to court a lot less than you would if you didn't.