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TRANSCRIPT: On misidentification that comes up when you're dealing with children who don't know the person who's committed a sex act and you deal with an investigation that law enforcement is involved in and whether or not they misidentified the person not depends on how careful they are with the procedures that they use in doing the investigation now we don't find misidentification truly to be the biggest problem with sex offenses our biggest problem ordinarily is that someone is wrongfully accused of the actual act not that they're not the right person that the accuser wishes to name because it's sometimes a relative it's a close personal friend of of family members it's someone they know down the street it's someone that they have an association with so the identification issue we deal with and that's actually easier on the defense side to deal with because you can deal with that in an armed robbery case in a bank robbery case you can deal with it any number of cases where misidentification can occur and they're good jury instructions on that particular matter and and we do all the investigation we can to show they've gotten the wrong person what we find with sex offenses is it's a one-on-one crime ordinarily in other words you have an alleged victim and you have a person who's accused of being the perpetrator or the person who committed the offense it's not so easy to overcome many defense lawyers in my opinion think their client is guilty when they're interviewed to represent them because of the number of of cases i've had where persons were absolutely not guilty and because of the number of years i prosecuted even before i became a criminal defense attorney we found that many of the allegations were false even from the prosecutor's point of view it's a difficult thing because i think juries prosecutors and judges have the highest outrage towards crimes against children so it's a difficult area to find an even-handed way that the system works in these types of cases and you need a lawyer who's extremely vigorous to help you in these matters.

ORLANDO SEX CRIMES: Misidentification & Wrongful Accusation