6 Million Auto Accidents Occur in the US Each Year

Car accidents can happen for a number of reasons, and that is why they are still one of the leading causes of accidental injuries and deaths in the United States every year. In fact, there are an estimated 6 million auto accidents in the USA each year. They are guilty of billions of losses in property damages and other economic factors each year as well.

Collecting data and tracking accident reports, there are several federal agencies that process this and help to keep drivers aware of the dangers and risk factors that can occur on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported in recent years that:

• Passenger vehicles and their occupants were more likely to receive fatal injuries in auto accidents. 

• Alcohol-related accidents make up 30%-40% of all fatal car accidents in the United States.

• Alcohol was the result of 29% of fatal accidents in 2017

• One-third of all fatal accidents can be contributed to speeding.

• Aggressive driving also makes up roughly one-third of all fatal motor accidents.

• Reckless and /or distracted driving has become an increasing problem and also makes up a large portion of fatal accidents. 

• Roughly 10% of drunk driving deaths include drivers and passengers under the age of 21. 

• More than 6 million auto accidents happen each year in the USA.

• About 6% of all car accidents result in at least one death each year. 

• 27% of car accidents result in nonfatal injuries (but can lead to pain or disabilities).

While many of these factors seem to be driver-based behaviors, it is important to remember that even the most cautious of drivers can become involved in an auto accident. That is why they are called accidents, no one really means for them to happen. Knowing some of these statistics may help to understand some of the risks that getting behind the wheel may take, but that does not stop the drunk from T-boning your car in the middle of an intersection. When this happens it is important to turn to experts. 

Accidents that cause a fatality could find the responsible driver charged with a wrongful death claim. Even these outcomes can be permanently damaging and cause many different outcomes. If you or some you know has been involved in an auto accident, it is important to know your rights and make sure your justice is not taken for granted. Auto accident attorneys in Orlando FL, such as the expert team at Ali & Blankner, can help with taking all the legal aspects into their hands while you focus on getting back to normal and recovering. 

If you have been involved in an auto accident, remember that you have rights and you may be entitled to compensation. However, trying to navigate the legal system can be stressful enough, but if you try to add that on top of your recovery, it can become overwhelming. Schedule a consultation today with Ali & Blankner today and find out what you may be entitled to. 

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