The Drug Crimes We Handle Here at Ali & Blankner

Growing up we were always warned in school how drugs are bad, to just say “No!”, and ultimately resist experimenting with illegal substances. But life does not always turn out the way you plan, and curiosity may have overtaken our reasonable sensibilities. If you have been convicted of a crime involving drugs, your future may be jeopardized. Future employers, professional licensing agencies, government benefits agencies, educational institutions and programs, landlords and others can view these criminal records in routine background checks. Not to mention, if you are not a legal citizen of the United States of America, a drug conviction can lead to deportation and future disbarment. Having experienced legal representation is essential to maintain your rights, freedom and future. 

Having an experienced Orlando drug crimes attorneys by your side, helping to fight for your case as early as possible is important if you want to avoid the harsh consequences that can follow you from a drug conviction. At Ali & Blankner, our team of experienced legal representation can assist in your case. We are devoted to aiding our clients in lessening any damage that they will may undergo if they are found guilty of a drug crime. Types of drug crimes we represent at Ali & Blankner include:

• Marijuana

• Cocaine

• Heroin 

• Crystal meth

• Ecstasy


• Importation

• Manufacturing

• Transportation

• Trafficking

• Intent to sell and/or deliver

• Sales and distribution

• Possession

Whatever you have been arrested for in a drug crime, it is vital to hire an experienced attorney that you can trust to fight for you. Ali & Blankner have over 85 years of combined experience among top-rated attorneys and we promise that our firm will be there to help you with your drug charges. Our lawyers know how to investigate and research on your behalf. We will craft motions on your behalf and help you to prepare for trial. We know which steps and tasks are needed to help assist in all cases. 

Trusting your case to our team of experts will not only be an asset to you in the long run, but can also help with setting your mind at ease. Letting us take the extra stress off your plate and having the knowledge that our experience will only help you in your case. With help from an attorney, such as Ali & Blankner, you may be able to challenge search and seizure procedures put on by law enforcement, avoid mandatory prison terms, get placed in a drug treatment program or rehabilitation center in lieu of other penalties, or get charges reduced or dismissed entirely. We treat each case with the upmost importance and know that your future is at stake. Our team of lawyers want to help you, and make sure your case does not mean the end to your future or freedom. If you have been involved in charges involving drug crimes, you still have rights. Let our team at Ali & Blankner help you with your case against drug crimes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. The sooner you do, the sooner we can start on your case.