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Defending You Against Domestic Violence Charges


One of the most destructive charges an individual can be subjected to is a domestic violence charge. Each year thousands of cases of domestic violence are filed. Whether you are the victim or have been falsely accused of domestic violence, it is vital that you hire an experienced attorney to represent you and make sure your rights are protected. The lawyers at Ali & Blankner have over 85 years of collective experience to draw from and are ready to defend you as your domestic violence attorney in Orlando FL.

Domestic violence is a serious offense that can be detrimental to many different relationships in your life since most of these charges are often committed against a spouse, partner, family member, or even a roommate. There are several different factors that constitute a domestic violence charge ranging from harassment, assault, threats, kidnapping, stalking, trespassing, and even homicide. Many times these charges occur through a heated argument, and one single incident of pushing, grabbing, yelling, or even blocking their path as they are trying to leave, can lead to a case. It is always important to stay calm during an argument and treat the other with respect while trying to have a civil conversation. Unfortunately, our emotions can get the better of us and we may end up doing something we will regret later on. If this happens, it is imperative to consult and hire an experienced attorney to represent you in a domestic violence case.

With a domestic violence case, more charges can arise such as assault, child endangerment, and temporary restraining order. Other legal consequences that may transpire include eviction, legal fines, criminal penalties, jail time, and may affect child custody or alimony. In these times, things can become complicated and emotional. Having someone to turn to, especially someone who knows the complexity of the law will benefit you and your case. It is not illegal to represent yourself in a domestic violence case, but your lack of legal knowledge can result in heftier fines, longer jail time, or even result in convictions for crimes that you are not guilty of or had a valid defense to.

Some other things to remember following a domestic violence charge if you have any injuries make sure to take photos. Taking photos of any injuries could help with a self-defense claim. When the police show up to assist during an argument, they may forget to document each party’s injuries if there are any. If you are charged with a no-contact or temporary restraining order, it is vital that you follow the restrictions. Do not try and seek loopholes such as using a third party to contact the victim. No contact means no contact. Any violation of these orders can result in more jail time.

Dealing with a domestic violence charge can be an emotional and trying time for anyone. Making sure you have a practiced attorney to help defend and fight for you, will make the experience a little less traumatic and help to get you the results you deserve.