What To Do if You Are Falsely Accused of A Crime

In the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty. Even so, you still need to be careful if you are falsely accused of a crime. Here are four things to remember if you find yourself facing a false accusation:

Stay calm and respectful.

Any time that you are interacting with law enforcement, but especially so when you face an accusation, you should always stay calm and respectful. Though you’re certainly upset that you have been accused of something you didn’t do, try your best not to get too angry. Your reaction can have an impact on your case. Calmly follow the instructions of the police and remember your rights.

Don’t try to explain.

Though you know you’re innocent, that doesn’t mean that you can talk yourself out of an accusation. Don’t assume that just because you explain what happened and how you didn’t do what they say that it will help your case. Even though you’re innocent, you could hurt your defense by talking without a lawyer present.

Use your right to an attorney.

You have the right to ask for an attorney. If the police start asking you questions, say that you want to call your legal representation and they must stop. Though you didn’t do anything wrong, you still need a legal professional to back you up.

Consider a defamation case.

Even when you are proven innocent, a false accusation can haunt you. You probably spent thousands fighting those false claims. Not everyone will take the time to understand that you didn’t do anything wrong, but instead will see the accusation and make assumptions. You may be able to sue for defamation to get compensation for the turmoil that the false accusation brought into your life.

Don’t let a false accusation derail your life. Remember your rights and find an experienced, Orlando criminal defense lawyer to defend your innocence.