Have You Been Accused of Rape? We Can Help!

In today’s society, crying “rape” can become a touchy subject. It is an unfortunate reality that ten percent of all rape claims are false. There are those who would use the very serious accusation of rape in order to seek revenge, harm a person’s reputation, or just to gain the upper hand in a dispute. Having these charges against anyone can be quite devastating, even if justice is served and the accused was rightfully acquitted, the damages are more than likely already done.

Unfortunately, there are some prosecutors who still side with the false accuser even if the evidence clearly exposes the claims to be false. Some believe that the accuser who has laid false accusations could have made an honest mistake, difference of opinion regarding consent, or even a cry for help. This is when accusations of rape become a touchy subject, many law enforcement and prosecutors do not want to discourage actual rape victims from speaking out for fear of impossibilities of proving the case or possible criminal sanctions.

So what should happen if an innocent individual finds these accusations against them? The repercussions of a false claim can be disastrous for the accused. Especially with today’s vast social media presence, it is almost impossible to protect one’s reputation and can lead to jail time and fines, public ridicule, loss of employment prospects, and of course, emotional distress. In some instances, it may even become necessary to register as a sex offender. However, there are ways that a wrongfully accused individual can fight back. The first, of course, is to take these accusations very seriously and hire an Orlando rape defense attorney to help with the case. Once the accused has been exonerated, they can typically file a civil suit against the accuser, as long as the jurisdiction allows it. Because of all the intricacies involved, it is always a wise course of action to hire a lawyer to assist in the case.

An experienced defense attorney will not only be able to help clear your name, but they can assist in a difficult battle of revealing that the accuser was acting in a malicious demeanor aimed to damage the reputation of the accused and ultimately succumb to criminal sanctions. Since laws are constructed to protect victims of rape, it is a very challenging and complicated legal fight for any innocent individual to undertake alone. Hiring an attorney immediately after these accusations are stated is in the best interest for the accused.

These charges are not to be ignored in hopes that they magically disappear. Taking action as soon as possible will only help you in the long run. Once you have consulted with an attorney it will be prudent that you remain vigilant until the case. Do not speak with your accuser or divulge any unnecessary information to the police. Creating your own timeline and a list of witnesses will help your attorney as well for evidence.

Contacting a defense attorney, such as the experienced team at Ali & Blankner, can begin right away with determining facts and evidence, and to create a plan of action to make sure your rights are protected.